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Decentralized Food Network connecting
Food retailers and consumers

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Revolutionizing the Food value chain matching businesses and consumers, making better economic sense and reducing food wastage

Why Delicia

Delicia is a decentralized food network powered by Blockchain and AI. It maximizes food utilization and reduces wastage. It offers real-time search for excess food at restaurants, grocery & packaged food stores and helps route them to buyers at discounted price.

Helps eliminate food wastage
Helps eliminate food wastage

By revamping the food value chain, our platform helps the world move closer to eliminating food wastage by maximizing off-take of near-expiry quality food by using cutting edge AI and Blockchain tech.

Connects food sellers and buyers
Connects food sellers and buyers

Restaurants, Grocery stores and other sellers of prepared or packaged food are connected with consumers nearby. This results in better communication of food deals and discounts.

Boosts small businesses

By helping them cut down on expensive promotional expenses, our platform gives food businesses a ready audience matched across preferences, location, price-points and cuisines. Our platform boosts foot traffic for food retailers, and better marketing to potential customers in a particular Geographic radius around the store.

Food Tracking
Food Tracking

Our App tracks food supply and demand to ensure that the possibility for surplus being wasted is reduced considerably. Estimating pockets of demand and supply across several variables results in making the entire food value chain more efficient.

Delicia Token Distribution

There will be a “Soft Cap” of $5MM USD during the Token creation period and Product development will proceed upon continuous receipt of funding The hard cap amount is $33MM USD worth. Tokens that are not sold during the Crowd Sale will be burned automatically by the smart contract

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DFT Tokens

Token Sale
Team and Advisors
Bounty + Airdrop

Delicia Tokens Give You


Real Time transactions

Real Time transactions - Global usage

Early access
to Delicia App

Token holders will get an early access to Delicia App

Deals and Discounts

Token Sale contributors will have exclusive access to the Deals and Discounts

Premium features

Contributors of 500,000 or more DFT tokens will get premium features unlocked in the App

Lower fees

Lower transaction fees based upon number of DFT tokens held.

Premium service

DFT Token Holders are eligible for Premium service

Delicia Road Map

The Delicia solution and Product will be delivered in four distinct phases. While each phase is meant to develop and optimize features that will incrementally serve the following phases, the overall development process will follow an iterative and interactive approach with features prioritized based on user adoption, feedback and customer demand.

Beta Release

Dec 2018

Beta version release for North America and Europe with language support for English and Spanish

Beta version Russia, Middle East and Asia

June 2019

Beta version release to Russia, middle east and Asia with language support for Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese and Russian

North America and Europe

Dec 2019

Production Release in North America and Europe with multilingual support for all major European languages

Russia, Middle East and Asia

June 2020

Production Release in Russia, middle east and Asia

Global Release

Dec 2020

Production Release for rest of the world


Welcome to our News and Blog section. Here you will find summaries of news stories about delicia, along with blog posts from our team and others on topics of current interest.

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Blockchain technology: How the Food Industry and the Environment can Benefit

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Delicia is revolutionizing the Food Business to eliminate wastage using cutting edge Blockchain tech and AI

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